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About us

SINCE 1918

The foundation stone for de Herbergier was laid in 1918 and construction was completed in 1921. The restaurant area was added later on. De Herbergier has traditionally always been in use as pub, but next to this, subsequently also as bakery, shop and even as a stable for horses. During the fifties they started renting hotel rooms and during the sixties the restaurant area was added.


Since 2019 we, Rachelle and Mark, are the proud owners of Hotel Restaurant Brasserie de Herbergier and we are fully committed to proudly continue the well-known quality and hospitality of this beautiful business.


Mark grew up in Soest and has been a chef his entire adult life, working in different kinds of kitchens both local and abroad. Rachelle was born and raised in Brunssum and has gathered a great deal of experience in multiple restaurants, hotels and the catering business.

We met in Bonaire, where Mark ran his own restaurant. After continuing this together for another 2 years, we went back to the Netherlands where we’ve been working in the hospitality industry in Amsterdam and Hilversum.


But now the time has come for us to start our own business again and what better location can one imagine than right here in the middle of the beautiful hills of South Limburg!



Currently de Herbergier is being used as Hotel-Restaurant Brasserie, and has been for a few decades, providing on-going care and attention for atmosphere, ambience and comfort.